Monday, March 21, 2011

Brief Message to Dems and Repubs--then back to real life

Actually, this is just to republicans.

As much as I am not in line with anything that the Obama, Pelosi, etc. wing of politics has wrought or has shown a desire to implement, I have to say their best friends are the powers that be in the republican party. For one thing, do you think the presidential election would have gone as it did had they put up a candidate who was a little more defined than McCain, and less of a target than Palin? I think they threw it, just like Bush #1 did against Clinton. Bush 1 looked like he was worried he might win so he pushed like crazy at the last to dork it up into a loss. That's how it looked to me.

The congressional aspect means little to the public. Clinton got good things done but the congress passing those things was republican. oops. That is not what people look at. Obama's America is in somewhat bad shape, especially if you live hand to mouth and like your mobility--transportation costs up, food way up, jobs not growing on trees. Tax paid employees are doing better than the rest, but the rest pay for them and are bled dry, so they are now threatened with less gravy. That's where the solidarinosc issues come up. You can bargain all you want, but sooner or later people refuse to live on the edge of poverty while paying you a healthy pension and permanent health care after you retire at age 50.

It doesn't matter though. Here's how republicans can guarantee that Obama wins in 2012. Run any of the people who have gained the press attention as candidates; Palin, Romney, Huckabee, all of them. Any of them are guaranteed to lose. Or if you really want to screw to pooch, run Donald Trump. He'll somehow make money off of it, but Obama wins huge in that scenario.

If republicans want to win run Allen West and Marco Rubio. I'm not sure it matters in which order; West/Rubio or Rubio/West. That is the best shot. I do not see any viable female candidates on that side. Nt being sexist. Palin is perpetually in a defensive position--damaged goods. It would take five years just to sift the myth from the reality in her case. Too many stories have been put out, then retracted, but people don't know about the retract. Just too much. Plus she is crazy to even go for that job. Just don't. Same with some others. Right or wrong, their reputations are in a state of defense.

West and Rubio would win. I put West up against anyone in debate. He needs no teleprompter, has an incredible memory for fact and shows no weakness. Repubs must hate that. They always have to run a total dork and it is annoying because dems run people who rape the economy in the name of helping people like me (who want to be left alone), and in the end they take away all kinds of freedom.
It is subtle but effective. Repubs take away other freedoms and go gung ho in other ways without analyzing it. Can't say either one is likely to fight more wars. They compete. I suppose if you look honestly at the record, dems have put us in more long term wars, and have yet to get us out. Odd since most who are on the pacifistic side tend to be dems. You been had, dupes.

Anyway, that is all the repubs have to do to win presidency. West/Rubio. Everything else I'ver heard mentioned is a slam dunk loss.

But, in some ways, it may be good to have a repub congress and a dem president. But some restraint has got to be put on one man directing war efforts without a single resolution from our own congress. Having international consensus or UN approval counts for zip. I thought that was illegal. People forget, Bush had support of congress, including Hilary, when he went into Iraq. So, it doesn't mean they make the right choice, but at least they had influence. Later they pretended they were duped but the case for that is weak. The real false premise was that even if Iraq was pursuing bad weapons, and you know saddam was, was it necessary to put the armed services there and use our resources that way? Only if you never planned to quit playing in that part of the world. Obviously neither Obama nor Bush ever thought of changing the policy of the last 60 years.

Damn. I went off on tangents. OK. Dems, if you want to win, just blame bush for all the bad stuff, and claim credit for any cuts in budget the repubs manage to put through, and wait until the repubs run a Palin or Romney, then play the race card again, even if there is no reason for it. Just by implication, you can get by with it.

Of course a West/Rubio ticket kills you on the race and ethnicity question, and both can hold their own in front of the camera. I doubt the repubs have sense enough to see that it just so happens that their two best hopes are a Black man and a man of Cuban lineage. I refuse to hyphenate, sorry. They are both Americans, and unless they have dual citizenship, which they don't, that is that.

Then there is the possibility that presidents are picked, not elected. I have come to believe there is truth in that more and more.
So. I've done my best to let the other party of power know how to win. I'll lay money out that they won't. And I will not invest any emotional energy in the matter.

Now to again reset my personal short term and medium term goals. Real life things. My life is my own journey and not something to be wasted with emotional upset over Big Brother's stage play and mind games. There really is more than that.
'Sunshine, ocean, mountains, wild women, music and hot fudge sundaes.


  1. Is there a campaign manager position in your future? Oooh...

  2. I'm just stating observations, not campaigning. They are all a little too much into governance for my taste. Some more than others.

  3. The Reps won't ever put up anyone who's a real contrast to the Dems: remember that the existence of both parties is simply a ploy to keep the masses from revolting against a revoltingly unconstitutional system. The NWOers control both sides.


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