Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes We (I) Can [sorry. current event/political overtones]

The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.
Senator Barack Obama, Dec. 20, 2007.

I agree. Although I am shocked to see that Obama admits any legal limit on what the president or Federal government can do. I haven't noticed too many fans of limiting power among his his pals. Or even many of his enemies for that matter.

The part that didn't get fully vocalized is what people tend to miss in everything this actor says. In this case it was, "...unless I happen to be president, in which case special rules apply, as I make them up"

Why not? It is not like we are setting a precedent here.

What to do re Libya? I do not know because I am not there, have no idea how much of what I hear is true, and tend to think international action and consensus are generally wrong and deceptive. I suspect it is a case of trading a lunatic dictator for fanatic religious leaders, like what ushered in the ayatolla komeni (I don't know how to spell his vile name. Like Quadhafi, it is spelled thirty two different ways, all of them wrong)

Would I put my life, or that of my relatives on the line for it? No, not with what information I have. No way. Like other people's money, other people's lives are easy to spend so you can feel good in your cause. How courageous and benevolent. I'll protect you--let me send a bunch of people I don't know over there to risk their lives. I'll be in Rio or somewhere if you need me.

If they want freedom, good. Somehow I seriously doubt freedom lovers comprise the bulk of these protests.

Wouldn't it have been smart to have extricated ourselves from that region over 40 years ago, promote our own oil exploration and drilling, and refining, not arm everyone in the world who eventually becomes an enemy, and not fight any limited police action anywhere, ever? And if we did sent our military in, we didn't put them in jail for doing their job? That would have been nice.

And there is not one single, legitimate true, non-corrupt reason why our foreign policy wasn't conducted on that basis.

I think the USA should confine its major focus to its 57 or so states, and to pretty much do the strategic strikes on its own agencies.

By some accounts, there are homeland security memos which zealously label libertarians, or people who think the irs is a horrid organization, as potential domestic terrorists.

If they were to ask me, I'd say the people who broadcast shows with laugh tracks are domestic terrorists. The laff track is probably one the biggest assaults on the dignity and intellect of our species ever. The next most insidious tool in mind control is probably the guilt inducing public service ad and general charity assault. Many PSAs are merely efforts to change your behavior or make you conform to some big brother concept of the better good. The majority of them are total insults to free people who believe they own their own lives. Really annoying propaganda.

Charity is good. But the idea that it is OK to attack and cross boundaries in its name, is not good. The idea that doing something unrelated to curing a disease is somehow curing that disease, is false. Sorry. I know this is like butchering a sacred cow, but so be it.

You do not have the right to use the workplace to harass employees to give up pay for your cause. Put your own damned money in. Look at all the multi-multi-millionaires who do guilt trip ads for some cause and maybe put in tens of thousands. If you are so big on it, put ten percent or more of your bread on the table. People who have not even 1/1000 th of what they have are far more generous on a percentage basis. They are just keeping their fame alive at your expense and maybe helping a little, always some government approved cause.

No tax deduction for just laying money on Sally down the street so she can get a better wheelchair for her kid that has Cerebral Palsy. No, it has to go through proper channels. That should tell you it is a bunch of BS right there. But that is the purpose of the IRS. In the name of progressive income tax with enlightened deductions, it scams the poor and those not in power, while feeding the crooked and sneaky. Don't think charities and churches do not often fall under that shadow.

I can walk forever and I in no way can say I am fighting cancer. I am walking. I can say I am participating in an event that I hope raises money, which I hope actually goes to people who know how to do research and find cures. But few want to look at that. If you are lucky, it may go to research, and then you have to hope it goes to a good scientist and not some ego bound bastard who would toss another's work out the window if it were to overshadow his own. There are such people.

Not to say there is anything wrong with doing whatever you can to contribute to whatever you want. Some good things do happen at the end of the filter which fuels money here there and everywhere else except the real purpose. That is not the point. The fact that you pay less tax if you let the government know your cause, and that it has to be on their list, is not acceptable. That is not how tax should work. The tax system is wrong altogether. But to say so puts you on Nepolitano's list of homeland threats. Yikes. How is that right?

Never be fooled into thinking the world of establishment scientists is above jealousy, corruption and ego driven sneakiness. The truth is that the world of academic establishment scientists is probably more prone to such pettiness and small mindedness than even the movie industry.

I've known a lot of those people and they would much rather you stand in awe of their brilliance than anything else, even if it is not deserved. I've also known a few exceptions. Very few.

Funny how they jump in to these frays like Libya, Bosnia, Iraq, without a clue, but when there is an obviously aberrant threat, understanding and patience, etc. is employed---like that creepy Islamic jihad guy who mass murdered on the army base. Oh, no, let's not jump to conclusions. Don't be islamophobic or even rush to judgement. So what he got caught red handed, no question, had to be shot by a chick to stop him, etc. In my mind it was dumb to give him treatment. I'd have let that one die then and there. Trials of this sort are absurd, and why pay to keep the guy alive?

I know, it is where you draw the line that gets sticky. Some cases are so far from the line, I have no worry about that.

Hopefully no one from the 'for us or agin us, if you ain't solidarinoscin' in your pants, we kill you', camp, will assume that having my doubts about Libya and motives, means I want to kill all babies, think CAIR is a legitimate organization or that I think anyone but potential parents have any right to speak for the unborn, and only the ones residing in them. I'm not in the above mentioned camp.

Either they accuse you of racism out of the blue, or accuse you of being against gun rights and the declaration of independence. There are those who just hate freedom. Most people do, regardless of the animal logo they use, although at least the dems are honest enough to use a jackass for theirs.


  1. I think Libya is a boondoggle. Gaddaffi is despised however. Not my call however...

  2. Another trick to distract you from enjoying the good life. Better things to do


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