Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Reason to Put BallisticTour 2011 On The Road

Blues harp people can drive you nuts--bring ear plugs But---I can't resist it when three of the best players ever are there; Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow, and my all time favorite, Sugar Blue.

You only live once and when you get old enough, it is easy to say, Screw It! I could drop tomorrow. Plus I know the area a little bit. Culture shock won't freak me--I be Southern, (btgog**) and I think I played that place one time.

This means I better be real quick about taking care of essential business here on Ballistic Mountain. I am wanting to make it a rather extensive tour. Now if the creepiest of powers that be will quit screwing with fuel prices in order to manipulate mankind...

**by the grace of God (btgog)
That's my version of the pbuh they write any time They mention, you know who---He (peace be upon Him) who shall never be represented in cartoon or WE KILL YOU!!! Never even say His (pbuh) name in the wrong way or WE KILL YOU!!!--or whoever is handy if you are too far away

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