Saturday, September 3, 2011

Watching the Drama of the Road

Where I work is a long way from where I live. Fortunately, even though I take a major highway or two to get to and from, I don't take the route that involves a lot of traffic. My chosen path is the scenic route, and as near as I can tell it is no slower than the way the gps used to want me to go.

My gps lady doesn't realize the traffic issues on some roads. She means well.

Today on the way home I was taking it easy, as I usually do. I noticed people were driving oddly. Slower than usual, then speeding up, generally confused. Then I realized it was because many of them were slightly drunk. The good thing is they were trying to appear like responsible safe drivers.

That is funny because when they aren't drunk, they drop all pretense and become more troublesome. The give aways were things like putting the turn signal on at every curve (and we're talking very curvy roads here), slipping over the line and back, showing indecision as to whether the green light meant go or stop, and then when finally turning off, reaching a hand out the window giving the finger to no one in particular.

I was laying back watching interactions, not on their radar, so I wasn't being flipped off. Maybe it was an expression of victory, "Screw you, THE MAN!! I drove drunk from Poway all the way to the other side of Lakeside, and no one suspected a thing. I pulled one over on you and all the people who don't promote drunk driving."

Obviously, I suspected a thing, and maybe some of the other drivers did. Who knows? Didn't pull one over on me, but I'm not The Man. During the part that goes through Lakeside, I'll bet half the drivers were drunk. It's funny how they all drove slower than normal and showed more patience, like not going ninety in the right hand lane.

No idea where the cops were. Probably getting drunk while harassing the innocent. That is pretty much par for the course when it comes to CA Highway patrol, and beach area cops. At least the last part. Not sure of the drinking, though. I hope they are drunk because it speaks quite badly of them if that is how they behave under influence of nothing.

So, there it is. In CA drunk drivers are more considerate than the typical driver here, but they are definitely not more skilled.

I hope all good people avoid driving drunk or being in the proximity of those who do. How these people keep from going off the many cliffs here is a mystery. Good thing my drinking was done on relatively flat terrain. I'd have been toast out here.

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