Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Way To Beat The Man

Warning: This is another instance which finds me preaching that which I rarely practice, or have a very difficult time practicing.

The Man is actually more of a force than any particular person or even institution. People and institutions can be The Man, but aren't the totality of The Man. The Man is that force which seeks to prevent you from living your life and dreams as you see fit, even if you aren't harming others. To do this He finds ways to keep you paranoid, in fear, angry, envious, confused, and sometimes full of vengeful rage.

How can you fight a thing like that? That's what I've been asking myself, and that leads me to a couple of realizations. One is that I have allowed myself to look at local, national, and world events (as presented in news media and some entertainment shows) and I've suckered right into the desired reaction; despair and a feeling of powerlessness over my life and future. The other realization is that it would be healthier to look and see the positive aspects of life.

If I didn't know about obscure, bizarre regulations which kill businesses and enterprise, I would not let that hinder my thoughts of starting some productive independent effort. Maybe it would work out, and maybe I'd just do things as well and responsibly as I think they should be done and be below the radar. It is better to do that than to let The Man convince me that mere mortals need not apply. That is His goal, and I can't say playing into it is an enlightened approach.

I do consciously make an effort not to be a part of The Man's force, and will continue to do so. And the very best way to do that is to try to avoid being suckered any more into believing that we're all doomed and that no one would pay me to do whatever it is that piques my passion. In short, I will resist the brain washing which would make slaves of us all. Or most of us, except the one's who seem to be the core of the machine that is The Man.

Certain enterprises would be better off moved to another state if any success were realized, but that is nothing to a gypsy like me. First one must begin the project and do the work to make it grow. And not be afraid to fail, or to succeed.

That doesn't mean I won't monitor public affairs, but the reality is that the news is pretty much just a droning message which is aimed toward convincing people that government is the end all and be all of life. The average journalist and news publisher is merely the government's salesman, pitching the idea that government is something greater than people and that it is your only hope for making it to the mailbox alive and for making decisions of every sort. They paint it as a god who knows best how everyone should live and think.

It gets more involved than that, and that is part of the trap. People like to puzzle things out and to have enemies, so there is something for everyone. Except me. I want out.

My happiest days have been days when I was too busy living my life to pay much attention to news and governmental hijinx; getting my heart broken, or breaking hearts, and just generally tasting the beauty of the world and life, bringing ideas to material fruition. Creative endeavors, whether of a technical, artistic or other nature, which tweak one's passion, are more than the spice of life. They are a big part of what makes the human race a special species. Those things are life enhancing and life giving.

An enterprise need not be great and earth shaking to be a spectacularly invigorating aspect of one's life. It could be a hot dog stand, or landing a job you love, or selling homemade products out of the house. It is often better to go for it without a lot of knowledge of possible drawbacks, and without the idea that if attempt 1 yields no results that it is time to quit.

That's my goal--to see some positive and not let The Man sucker me into passionate opinions about things I know little about. Like Wall Street, or any number of things I don't even think are The Man's business. More and more I attempt to resist deciding that some person or group is my enemy based upon info floated out there by The Man.

Blind and ignorant hatred is one of His favorite foods. Sure, there are misguided and even defective souls out there, but rarely is it necessary to squander my energy hating them. Most of the time I am not in a spot to do anything directly about these miscreants. Cross that bridge when I get there. And avoid contributing money to The Man's cause when possible.

When you think of it, who is really benefitting humanity more, masses of people chanting with signs, or dumping grain from rail cars, or someone who started making a product in the basement and now finds the need to hire some helpers, rent a building and continue to improve the product that people have shown they want? I think the producer is the greater humanitarian, in reality.

I've decided that in response to consumer advocates I will become a producer advocate. Anyone can consume, and, speaking for myself, their advocacy is neither needed nor wanted. It takes a lot more to produce. I'd love to figure out the game well enough to get paid to be a producer advocate.

That may be difficult. Consumer advocates make their money by slamming the product and the producer, and often unfairly. Ralph Nader got rich off it. It turns out the Corvair, when run through later government tests, proved superior to most cars on the road. But he managed to kill it without personal consequence. It became a big business--consumerism.

How can I pull the same stunt but as a producer advocate? Maybe I'd have to slam consumers, but everyone is a consumer, or he/she quickly dies. Be that as it may. I now declare myself the new voice for producer advocacy.

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  1. Um, unless I'm missing something, there are already lots of "producer" advocates: they're called "lobbies." Or maybe you're going to be a 1-man lobby?


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