Thursday, October 6, 2011

Household Tip: Stop the bleeding

Quite often I find a nick or spot that just wants to bleed like a stuck pig. It is inconvenient and I'm in a hurry. Styptic pencil won't quite do it because this is more than the little shaving nick.

What do I use? Krazy Glue or Super Glue. It works. My sources tell me the stuff was invented to hold battlefield wounds together since there is no time for stitches while putting a guy on a stretcher to be hauled to safety by helicopter. That makes sense because it works better on skin than anything else.

There you have it. I stopped a skinned knee from bleeding all over clothes and such and a skinned knuckle from worrying people, all just this week.

I must say, I've used super glue/krazy glue a lot, but with very mixed results. Once I started using it to seal wounds the success rate improved dramatically. It is the only application in which it always works.


  1. Crazy glue is perfect in lieu of stitches...They use it in the OR all the time...

  2. I use superglue on small cuts, too! I didn't know it wasn't my invention, though. The only problem is that my superglue tube always glues itself together after only a few uses, so then I have to punch a hole in the tube with a safety pin to get any glue out.


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