Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Darn and Dang It

The more I look at it, the more it looks like I'll not be making a Christmas road trip. I may have to get my major car service done here rather than at the best Subaru service department ever, in Dallas. And then I could fly south and be at the mercy of others for week, and fly back.

That lack of escape option bothers me. I like to be able to hit the road at will. It is easy for my family visits to run their course in just a few days. Flight prices are such that I would be there a week, should I choose to fly.

Due to our security regulations and the airlines bizarre practice of charging you if you bring luggage, I wouldn't have much there with me to pass the time should I need a mental escape. I guess I can bring my computer without issue, so there is that. Clothes-wise I'll have to travel rather light.

I suppose I should make up my mind soon. I don't think the tickets are going to drop in price and it looks like they are fairly booked up. Flights to Miami are already prohibitive. Ft Lauderdale is the only hope which means they have to drive a long way to pick me up and drop me off.

It is tempting to call the whole thing off, but I think I'll forever regret it if I do. This may be a last chance of some kind. It seems that way but I can't say why. Once in awhile my hunches pan out. Usually they are probably off. I don't know because I generally forget the hunch.

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  1. Go.

    With remarks like this:

    "It is tempting to call the whole thing off, but I think I'll forever regret it if I do."
    "Maybe I never had a better time."



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