Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Interesting Ideas Never Cease to Occur

Whether you think the sky is falling or that we're all going to hell in a handbasket, people continue to create. Even if Al Gore or your local university guru suggests that there are only so many ways to do something, someone out there will prove them wrong.

That is the error of subsidizing chosen industries, especially in the field of energy production and conservation. You promote a narrow band of technology in doing so, when it is likely that other things which would survive the market suffer as a consequence. Time and money end up being wasted on things that are probably not the best approach. It happens.

An interesting reader who seems to know plenty about me sent me this link The linked story tells the tale of a guy who has created a machine that uses microwave technology to extract fuels out of many every day objects, and it yields more energy producing gases and substances than it uses.

Here's a picture of the guy and his pal. He's lighting the torch off of fuel from the recycle device. You can throw tires in there and get all kinds of good things. This idea is an excellent one which doesn't involve screwing up land, taxing manufacturing companies for carbon footprint or any of that. It only makes sense that things like this would be developed. But does it please those who only see solutions in mandate, taxing, and controlling all? Doubtful.

It cheers me up to discover that people have created great new inventions or clever designs. I realize when those things come to my attention that life and being human is not about pain, suffering and jumping into causes formulated by those who will forever create, then combat such problems, but about the thrill of seeing a thought about something that improves life reach fruition, and about enjoying the good things which are in one's personal world. The collective hoopla is primarily a limiting factor when it comes to the good things.

 But I guess the creators are not the bulk of humanity, and the majority will forever be confused by them. Of course some creative people do use the herd to lock out others when they lack the integrity to do otherwise, but that is very often not the case. Many and inventor has been too busy and focussed on his ideas to even comprehend the corruption which gets in the way.

There are some really cool things out there. Thank you Verbi for sending some of them to my attention.

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