Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Won't You Donate to My Cause?

My remaining family consists of a brother and his offspring, as well as an aunt and her off spring. I have other cousins on my father's side but they refuse to communicate. That was a huge surprise to me, but I get the idea that my father and his wife must have said some things which put me and my brother in a bad light. It is too bad because he would only have done that to cover his own abuses.

Then again, if people are dimwitted enough to go by hearsay and not find out for themselves when it comes to the character of others, I guess they deserve what they get, or don't get.

This Christmas is one in which all of my brother's brood, small though it is, will be together in Florida. They have encouraged me, more than they normally would, to show up. I think it is because this won't be a yearly gathering. Now that his sons are hooked up with good looking, splendid chicks, they will do the holidays with their sweethearts families at least every other year.

It used to be an annual gathering and my mother was there for most of those. I finally began showing up, too, and I rarely had a better time. Maybe I never had a better time. My sister in law's brother (not sure of correct syntax for that possessive, so this will do) is married to a good looking Cuban and they have the best party of all time on Dec 24th, the Buena Noche party, or something close to that name.

I've not been there for the last couple of years. Maybe three.

Somehow I am not sure if there will be more gatherings which have that same flair after this one. So, I think I should go. Besides I don't know what my future will bring, if anything. I feel more mortal than usual lately.

That is where you can help. This trip will cost plenty and if I am to see Texas cousins and my aunt, and make it to Tavernier in the Florida Keys (just south of Key Largo), then your contributions may be necessary. A few hundred from ten of you would be great, or just send me a few thousand or more. The sky's the limit!!

I'll work on ways to make it tax deductible. And you can rest easy knowing that I will plant things all along the way to offset your carbon footprint.

I'll send you a certificate which proves you are fighting climate change and making life better for mutant hermits. That's an offer no one could resist.

Thank you in advance for taking responsibility for my wanderlust and family ties.


  1. Mutant hermits. Do they have the same rights as bears?

  2. That Noche Buena party is one of the most fun things I have ever done. N rocks.


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