Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Western Gods Must Be Crazy

The East has always been a different thing, and the idea of individual freedom and maximum choice never seems to have been quite as catchy a thought as it was in the Western world. But we were disorganized barbarians while they were doing the bidding of opium heads and making fancy ceramics and such.

These days it is as if a spell was cast upon intellectuals, government officials, bankers and others in the West. They manufacture crisis after crisis, mostly through efforts to curb freedom in the name of something fuzzy and warm, then cry about the crisis and give more power to those who created the crisis so that they might curb the crisis.

The rationalizations for both the non-solutions and the anger at everyone but the real crisis creators are complicated, clever, and fallacious. What happens is partial truth substitutes for the whole truth.

If I steal a gun from you, then hire a guy to shoot you with it, and then he gets caught and you ask me to punish him and maybe even do something to make sure this doesn't happen to others, that would be kind of strange don't you think? It would become even more bizarre if I act shocked and dismayed and am the most vocal in denouncing this vile crime, even though anyone paying attention knows I planned and facilitated the crime. People know I'm guilty but are willing to pretend otherwise since I pretend innocence.

That is exactly what is going on in this country. Why no one would call me out in the above example is the same reason the real trouble makers keep there jobs in the real world today. But I cannot explain that reason other than to say people like the easy targets, do not care to examine a thought which has too many parts or too much depth, and do not want to appear odd, flakey or uncool by going against the snowball effect of peer pressure. It is unbelievable.

The West had a shot at really expanding the level of freedom their cultures and countries, yet they are hell bent on ensuring quite the opposite. It's all for our own good though, so that makes it holy and right. I'm so happy this obesity crisis and its insane solutions have gone global. If a paternal or maternal higher authority wasn't going to punish me by taxing or outlawing certain foods, or taking even stronger measures, I'd be a 600 pound blob who couldn't even fit into his own tourmobile.

Thank you, diet police. I owe my slimness and ability to see my toes all to you.

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