Sunday, January 19, 2014

Poor Seattle

Until that mouthy guy went off on hi punk, redneck, lowlife gibberish, I was unsure who my super bowl preference would be.  No question now.   I must withdraw the secret mojo I bestowed upon Seattle.  I will transfer it to Denver, who probably doesn't even need it.  Seattle does, but they blew it by letting that guy get near a microphone.

Each team should be able to designate certain players as DMs (designated morons).  These players would be forbidden from saying anything to anyone with a camera or microphone.  If they do, they lose big money somehow.  It would all be in the contract.

That would save us all from those moments of unbearable pessimism which follow viewing something like that interview with the Seattle corner, whatisname.  Upon viewing such a spectacle, many people instantly lose hope, thinking to themselves, "the human race is doomed.  We're toast.  We are evolving into an unsustainable wreck in which incoherent shittalkers reap gigantic rewards.".

Causing such negativity is not a thing to be proud of.  But a DM does not know that.  And in most cases will never know that, no matter how many times and ways it is explained.  With luck we'll get through the year without someone shooting that guy or vice versa.

Trust me, Seattle, he got lucky and saved you at the last second tonight.  He's going to be more trouble than he's worth in the long run.

Makes me sorry I didn't pull for San Francisco.  Not that sorry.  Kind of a hypothetical sorry.

You wonder why I didn't do mojo on San Diego if it's o powerful, don't you?  It doesn't work on all teams.  San Diego is impervious to mojo.  That's their charm.  I guess.  You could give SD the crank to the scoreboard, let them crank it any way they choose, and they'd still not make it to the super bowl.

Get rid of that creep, or publicly muzzle him and I'll one day pull for Seattle again.  It is improper to show disrespect to worthy adversaries, and it is supremely bad form to do so while praising yourself and drooling.

That's my in depth analysis of the pro football situation.  We probably are not doomed, so erase that embarrassing spectacle from your mind.  Imagine how much fun it is to screw up one of the happiest moments of your career, and that of your colleagues, as well.   That is a bad way to feel.  Sometimes justice works best without people trying to work it.

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  1. And isn't it just as dismaying that another far more gracious Seahawk player was fined oodles and oodles of his weekly salary for NOT making himself availble to the media. Can't win for winning.

    I understand the dismay. We feel it too. On both counts.


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