Monday, January 20, 2014

Really? Maybe People Were Always Nuts

On that pseudo-intellectual facebook page, the one which includes french phrases or latin, for no apparent reason, and which touts any limousine liberal talking point, no matter how unfounded or absurd, the profound comment, "The major cause of poverty is excessive wealth" appeared.

Really?  They believe that?  Keep in mind, these are people with pensions, money for world travel, grants, and various perks from the public purse and university system.

Who decides what is excessive is unknown to me.   As they enjoy the things a little extra wealth can bring,  they seem to hate industrial and manufacturing type enterprises, even as they complain about outsourcing.  There is an abundance of hypocrisy in that sort.   "I don't want to be second guessed, and under the thumb of the state, but I'll fight to the death for your right, and obligation to do so, for your own good.  So you can have health insurance and subsidies".

Sorry, but those people are not making it easier for anyone.  But wealth causing poverty?  I think this may be simply wrong.  Or maybe it is only that too much wealth makes poverty.  I've never received a paycheck from a pauper.  And when people were "excessively wealthy", I sometimes made it a point to get paid even closer to what I'm worth.  I don't think I've ever been paid as much as I'm worth, but the actual job was only worth so much, so what can you do.

People must be thinking along these lines lately.  One side will scream and yell about Koch brothers, and the other about George Soros.  The real problem is that people are being told things that aren't true regarding race, privilege and every other worthless idea in the world.  And they'll believe anything, especially if you convince them they are victims and/or give them  person or group to hate.

I'm at a loss to understand how people who are living really, really well can claim that poverty is due to wealth.  It is fashionable to be somewhat of a neo-marxist, and even smart people will tie themselves in nonsensical and contradictory knots just to be in vogue.

 Well, I found it a stupid and crazy thing to say.  But I think I need to embark upon a plan of no news, no looking at the country club Obama worship, wealth is bad, you must be a racist if you disagree, page.  I need to avoid it all.  Not that I'm all that emotional about it.  I like many limousine liberals and defenders of, and fighters of, things they've never seen in person.  Guess many of my friends and family are hypocrites an misguided neo fascists and bolsheviks in my book.  They don't care.  They rarely want to hear my viewpoint.  Maybe never in most cases.

All that kind of thing can deflect one's attention from what is important.  I forgot what that is.  See what I mean?

I will say that it is worth considering that continually allowing the same people who waged the war on poverty and the war on drugs to control power and policy may be a little self defeating.  They did nothing to reduce poverty, and they promoted drug use more than anything.  Might not be the best people to handle your money, education, etc.

This is what happens.  I forget that everything else is more important than that stupid government related nonsense.  Then I forget what is there that isn't illegal, and doesn't require a prohibitive fee or license.

I think I'm restless.  OK.

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  1. Pretty much, I've checked out when it comes to the news. In fact these days, I get quite a good chunk of what is going on from stuff like your page, Scot's page and comments which appear here. A quick glance at drudge generally confirms that the government hasn't done anything right or well in 20 years or more. cheers


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