Saturday, October 18, 2014

If It Wasn't Real, It Would Be Fiction, And That Would Be A Better Thing

I'm pretty sure Fin called this.  Not positive.  But now we actually have an Ebola Czar.

How to say it without using expletives, over and over and over.  Are you kidding me?
I actually busted out laughing when they first said his strangeness was considering appointing an Ebola Czar.  Of course, plenty of people aren't old enough to have experienced life when there were no czars at all in the government of the USA.  It was not paradise, but I do feel that the lack of czars was a preferable condition.

I can just hear the discussion:   "Ebola is really scary.  Just the thought of it, or saying the word out loud, generates enough fear to constitute a crisis.  Hey!!! I know!!  I'll appoint a lawyer to be the big
wahoo of Ebola.  King of this particular lethal disease.  What could go wrong?   Besides, if we can keep this thing rolling we can do better at controlling people and modifying behavior."

Do we have a breast cancer czar yet?  And an erectile dysfunction czar.  Czars galore, yet I don't think we have a surgeon general at this time.  I remember Dr E something Coop.  He was a busy body, trying to screw with smokers.  He was kind of an act with his affected image and Amish style, old sailing captain looking, beard.  He was a know-it-all.

But, you knew who was attorney general.  And they did not have SWAT teams at his disposal.  So now we have the SWAT teams but no surgeon general.  The CDC guys have it under control.

People don't get that all this costs money.  Their money, one way or another.

We should have a One Way or Another Czar.  The extent to which the majority of humanity are philosophical, political suckers is amazing.  People are attracted to puzzles and to having power over others, so they will rationalize like crazy trying satisfy their lust for making others pay or act a certain way.


An Ebola Czar.  Rumor has it this guy is going to face off against this virus by filing a restraining order and some sort of punitive tort claims on behalf of "the American People".

I happened to catch Real Time with Bill Maher for the first and maybe last time.  He really is a sleaze. But he didn't make me as ideologically angry as I expected.  I just thought his material was unbelievably lame, unoriginal, banal,  and childish.

Either his writers are so bloated on the progressive koolaid they can't think or they just had a really bad day.

But then I see some allegedly right wing stuff that is embarrassing.  The idea is not to "put God back in government".  It is to so limit government that it can do but minimal damage, precisely because it and it's officers are not God, yet they are likely to imply that they are.  And they love it when the public goes along.

Hey!  I know!  Here's how each side can "reach across the aisle" and fondle the other's ego in a bi-partisan manner.  Instead of an Ebola Czar, appoint an Ebola God.  Or a government-clergy task force for Ebola Strategies and Faith.

That's the kind of thing that makes everyone happy.   Or the majority.  Actually the way authority creep works is off of a floating majority.  The percentage of the population who support or go along with the state remains relatively constant, but the actual make up of the numbers will vary according to who is being robbed or scapegoated at any given time.

I would never accept a job called Ebola Czar.  Maybe if I were a confident and curious doctor, but someone who wants it as a stepping stone or political tool.  No, that is creepy.

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  1. Yes, I did call it. People have obviously mis-remembered what happened to the original czars. f


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