Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yikes and stuff

It does get old finding that not too many people can follow a sentence this long.  And not many can properly interpret even that basic level of complexity.

I'd say it is not their fault, but much of the time it is.  That is because people refuse to step back and accept that, sometimes, what they want to be true simply is not.  Greed and cowardice fuel the purposeful ignorance as much as anything.  Fear of not being part of the herd, and ignoring truth as a result, is cowardice in my book.  Much more so than suicide.  Odd juxtaposition. But that school which calls suicide cowardly is pure ignorant BS.  It annoys me.

But the refusal to see reality out of belonging to some team or because it gives you a way to be accepted is sad.  But maybe it is the smart thing.  Either way people freak when their treasured illusion is revealed.

I think a whole slough of people suffer that in the case of Obama, as just one example.  Everyone wants to believe he is not owned by big money and is totally above board.  If confronted with any duplicity on his part, they immediately shout, "but, right wing!!!! but Bush!!!!  but Republican!!!", etc.  It would be funny if it weren't so bizarrely scary.

They fall for the idea that you must pick one of two teams.  Which of the establishment's choices do you like?  Any flavor you want, as long as it is chocolate or vanilla.

I have rarely seen anything like it.

People often ignore the context and qualifiers of a statement so that they can ignorantly go off on someone.  Often me.  Makes me think I should have read the book by Glenn Beck, "Arguing With Idiots".  I love the title, and remember seeing the cover in airport shops.  The title and cover were great, no matter how one may feel about the author.  I can identify with the sentiment.  (I'm pretty sure it goes of on a tack which is not what I'm after here, but that is irrelevant.  I like it for the pictures.)

As soon as you see yourself pulled out of context for what appears to be the pleasure of your antagonist, who obviously loves to do verbal battle for the sake of the battle itself, you know the conversation will never be more than an unpleasant waste of time.

I've known people that counter logic and proof with things like, "That's your truth, not mine", "There is no absolute truth, everyone's reality is different", etc.  Or, "Oh, that's your logic.  I'm more intuitive."

Great.  So you learn to get along with dimwits and to avoid constant conflict, you begin to dumb yourself down.  It is a mistake.  Put up with the arrogant jerks who feign an air of superiority, and smash them. At least you will have a higher level of discourse and self esteem.

Or you may find some like minded people who can accept new information, even when it bursts their little bubble of preconceived belief and such.  Once in awhile I wonder what I got myself into. I can almost visualize what's what, but not for long.  Some false narrative runs in my mind which has always ensured my obscurity, and poverty of sorts.  Much to the pleasure of some, I fear.  Not that they would all admit to such sick and sneaky sadistic pleasure.


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