Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Never Trust Aspiring Actresses

That is my take.  The aspiring actress/ex-concubine of my employer was very nice and sweet in person.  They trashed many aspects of the place.

Damaged the super telescope that has an electronic controller, kind of like a remote.  Left a large pan, with at least two quarts of oil in it, outside on the grill in a very nice AllClad pot, covered by the stainless rectangular cover which covers two separate side burners of the grill complex.

Managed to drip fish and crab juice all over the refrigerator, leaving serious fish smell.

Separated at least half the louvers on a wood louvered window covering from the vertical piece that opens and closes them.

Somehow removed about a four by six inch area of the finish off on one table.  Ruined a couple of towels and a robe.

There will be more.  I spent much of today trying to rescue the fridge.   Such is my life.  The good part is that it is indoors, and indoors has a/c and that helps ward off the demons.

I think she had to assert her high maintenance actress creds.  A little revenge maybe since the boss cut her off from having all the groceries and booze she wanted to order, brought in and paid for by him.  She was spending close to $2000.00 sometimes for 3 people for 3 days.  Just food and alcohol.  Then she'd load up the left over into coolers and go home to L.A. at the end of trashing the place.

Sometimes she trashes it worse than others.  Never gives accurate figure on number of people coming. Often lies and says just her and her mother, then she has ten people staying there.

But, she can be charming and she was nice when I went to eradicate invisible ants by the bar b q grill.

I cannot figure out what is what with her or her mother or their friends.  It is uncanny how they can make problems.

So, let's just take her off the list right now.  Without a sizable dowry, I refuse to marry her.  And that's that.

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