Monday, October 5, 2015

Band Wagons and Whatnot

Everyone is hopping on half baked crusades regarding guns.  It is a macabre thing that generates these reactions.  But the reactions are invariably full of half truths and emotional outburst more than anything useful.  All the usual "we need to...".  I rarely find myself comfortable in those "we" statements.

For one thing, I wasn't involved in the events which bring on all the madness.  And I certainly wasn't involved in making the laws regulating the people and places involved.  So maybe "you" need to seek common sense or rethink the restrictions and such. I don't.  And I don't often come down on the side of regulation if it is at all avoidable.  Simply because I do not have much faith in those who enforce laws, or create them, when it comes to reason and honor.

Enforcement culture is as far from a "common sense approach"  as it gets.  In about every area.  Or it can be.  Depends upon who is wearing the official gun at the time.

We can expect a rash of feel good, depending upon your predetermined viewpoint, slogans pasted over famous people's likenesses, even though they most likely never said what is being tacitly credited to them.  I saw one with Morgan Freeman and it said something comparing two unrelated events to demonstrate the duplicitous nature of how people view things in this country vs others.

I do not think Morgan had anything to do with that bit of propaganda.  No matter.  When it was pointed out that some woman's over the top essay encouraging "us" to "DO SOMETHING!!!" contained several false statements, wrong figures, blatant lies,  one supporter tried to equate the false statements with misplaced commas and such.  Admitting the lies but then saying it was being picky to be skeptical of the conclusion merely because the facts used to support it were false.

You can't reason in that environment.  I offer no answers or anything.  I will say that propaganda can be annoying.  They all use the term "common sense" in pushing gun laws.  That is lame.  99.9% of the people using that phrase only use it because that is what all their talking points say.

And it goes on.  There are stats regarding Honduras vs the US based on false premise.  Like so many things, sense of any kind seems lost.  I see places where fires have jumped highways and it would not hurt much to broaden the firebreak a bit to hamper the next one without totally ruining things.  No. Lets just let the dry weeds run up to the edge of the rd and hope the slightest spark doesn't touch it because that is all it will take.  We will worry most of the year, every year, because we can't do anything man made to protect mankind because we are bad and not natural.

Hell with it.  Just trying to write something other than health news or articulated fear and mental paralysis.

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  1. Oregon has open carry on college campuses. Texas just passed this, also. I think it is really smart to put guns in the hands of college kids, since we all know we made such good decisions when we were in college. Duh!


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