Monday, October 5, 2015

The Same Common Sense Folks...

...who gave us common sense no-knock SWAT raids, often killing innocent or ill people, getting the wrong address, maiming babies with flash bang grenades, etc., are the same ones we expect to successfully deal with common sense gun control?  These lunatics are the ones who are to decide who is a threat?  That is the trouble.

Sooner than later, whoever philosophically disagrees with those in power will be labeled as mentally ill, and domestic terrorists.  Already those who think man can control the cycles of climate suggest jailing those who publicly claim otherwise.

That is why I am skeptical when I here demagoguery like Obama's half truth riddled speech, and others clamoring for more laws.  All the facts have yet to surface. We do know that unprotected, and disarmed places have more butchery by madmen.  When governments do it, it is OK.  When lone lunatics ruin the lives of others it is a call for more power to be given to government.  I am not of that school.

But I am not of any school, today.  Except I am not of the school who uses the word "folks" very much.  I did here to mimic the president in his folksy overuse of the word.

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