Monday, October 5, 2015

The Difference, so far

In the overly dramatic recounting of the Katrina New Orleans saga, all you heard was blame and helplessness, and people shooting at rescue choppers, and looting.  Many of the stories about racist nursing home owners and heartless ones proved 100% false and the people maligned were actually very compassionate and had risked everything to help people.

Never let fact in the way.  It wasn't a Katrina issue, it was "you live below sea level and the dutch boy is pulling his finger from the dyke at any minute" issue.   You need to be sure the levees are in order and that redundant systems are in place.  Otherwise, all it takes is one little thing and it is all history.

No.  It was Bush's fault because he hates black people.  According to people like Spike Jones, and many others who weighed in with creative fiction at the time,  white people are obsessed with race and think about it all the time.  So, they made a weather event to kill black people.  They made them shoot at helicopters and Bush is an obsessed racist.

Come on.  New Orleans, at least that district they always talk about was populated with morons. Their state and city were governed by morons and opportunists.  No surprise; most places are.

Anyway.  In Columbia you hear about people finding creative ways to help one another.  Maybe soon they will blame someone and start massively stealing and looting.  But so far, they do not react like they did in Louisiana.  Maybe the governor and general population are a little more removed from the idea that government is a parental sort of god which can do anything on a whim.  I prayed to the government to come get me and they didn't so I drowned.

It would be such torture to many people with various ailments and limitations to deal with that sort of flooding and lack.  Shortage of everything in such times.  All is wet, rainy, under water.  What if you are in a wheel chair or just sick?  Rough times.  I still blame Bush.  And Lyndon Johnson.

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