Friday, April 8, 2016

Good News, or maybe Bad News

Part of not feeling much passion politically at the moment includes not choosing one of these odd candidates as my figurative voodoo doll.  I find it laughable when people claim one candidate somehow represents more of a threat than the others.

They are all equally potentially harmless.   Which is to say, they are all equally potentially harmful.

Many disagree.  And I don't care to fight that argument either.  I'm always stunned at how people rally and hoop it up at campaign events.  Candidates are like motivational speakers or charismatic, heal-you-now TV evangelists.  They manipulate crowds and instigate mischief.  The odd part is how hungry people must be for such things.  I guess the offer is hope.  Or the offer is to quell those hopes. The events, by their nature,  are geared toward elevating the status of the candidate to a level above normal mortals.  It can carry a religious zeal.

I do condemn the practice of disrupting planned events and rallies.   Let people decide for themselves.   You want to claim abuse from people because you try to deny them their right to be heard or to judge the candidates for themselves?  That appears to be a game of who can be first to get punched or fall down or be called a bad word.

The best campaign strategy for Trump is to continually list, publicly, the names of those who said they are out of here if he wins.  People would vote for that.  But to win he cannot say any else except the list of names.  I cringe at people who use the word, "bimbo".  I'm sorry.  It may be my prejudice against the northeast due to their intrusion upon my hometown of Miami, but for whatever reason that has always sounded creepy and cheap.

I may be wrong, but it seems there is a limit to how things are said and what is even in legitimate presidential range.  They all sound as if they are running for absolute monarch.

All I know is if I were running, I'd be taking dance lessons now for the inauguration.  After all the Obama swooning in the press, and the recent tango, I would not want to be outdone.   I realize there was tango controversy, but I kind of think that was a useless shot.  His dance could not change anything.  I like it when presidents are no where near any place where they can do there job or meddle in any affairs whatsoever.

I still would rather see Trump vs Bernie than Cruz Vs Hillary.  The first two are at least entertaining and often genuinely funny.  The second two seem to be fluid caricatures of themselves.  I know.  Cruz was supposed to be straight arrow.  But his part in many of the mud fights has been annoying.  At least to me.  I thi

Whoa!! Now I see.  I will put that in next installment.  before I forget

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  1. (Verbi here)

    "It can carry a religious zeal." TOUCHE! Ever since the Englightenment, politics has increasingly become an ersatz-religion. So far, the worst manifestations of it have been Tarantulism in Germany and Sickle-ism in Russia. But I have a feeling those are child's play compared to what lies up ahead...


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