Friday, April 8, 2016

The trend. It Was There The Whole Time!!

****this is actually the epilog, but could save you time:
I think the culture has become ruder and more petty in some ways, and that is reflected in the political arena.  If dueling were still fashionable and legal, I am sure we'd have had at least one.  Maybe two, depending upon outcome of first one.  Maybe in media it went from, "look at me, I am naughty and being a little disrespectful but pretending neutrality and public interest".  To, "look, I don't even need to pretend any more. I will flaunt my bias and lack of respect."  Just how it goes, and that explains it all****

OK.  I was rambling on about the candidates bickering in ridiculous and annoying ways.  The it hit me that maybe most people think that form of discourse, communication, even trash talking, is cool.  To me it is grating, sad and pitiful, considering the context.  If you are going to insult, do not do wives or children.  Do not deviate from the point.  Personal attacks work but not on me.

So, here it is.  If you have been around long enough, you remember when it was OK to pop a kid who crossed the line talking about your sister, or who just had it coming.  Trouble with that was that a lot of punches were thrown which were not righteous.   If you recall, it was not "cute" for little Dick or Deidra to shout and cry or make wise ass comments all the time.

But we evolved and TV paved the way!!

Then kids on TV started being really bratty and stupid.  Not like the Beav.   Pretty soon kids everywhere were acting like the bratty TV kids.  In order to keep their kids appeased, the parents then outlawed any spanking or other physical punishment in school.  Then the teacher has to talk nicer to the kid than the kid has to  talk.

But the theory is that our culture changed so that little pissant insults, and crass low blows are OK and only criticized when it originates from the other candidate.

Anyway.  When I wasn't looking, society went from just annoying and insulting, to ultra juvenile insults, and totally irresponsible nonsense.  Because everyone is sure he/she won't get punched out like the old days.  You can do whatever you want if you can end it with almost credible claims of racism.

Today's candidates all deny it, "I have always been a friend to the negro people and all kinds of Asians, and the Latinos".  Well it sounded like that to me.  That was actually a compilation of Trump, Hillary, and the Bernie.

Cruz needs to play the Cuban card harder, and better.  He could probably hint at some African in the background.  No.  He's too busy get sucked into very odd controversies.  Or non controversies, not sure.  Same affect.,

I guess it all makes sense, the spirit and ignorance driving the political process in this country.

This is a culture that became worried about boxing, for awhile, due to the brain injuries.  And, oh no, football.  Concussions happen and who knew that could be bad later?   No one, apparently.

Then we turn around and have MMA and cage match type, beat the holy heck out of one another.  Serious fighting going on.  And more women in all out matches.   Violent stuff.

So, the evolution of the culture is a troubling thing which requires a bit more power than I possess to control.

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