Friday, April 8, 2016

Where's the Passion?

I used to be adamant about matters of theoretical principle.  Things like how it is not right for people to decide how others conduct charity or spend their money.  Just a lame example.  I cannot think of the good examples because I no longer care that much.

I may have been right providing my original premises were valid.  That is where most things go off track--flawed premises.  The logic may be solid from there, but it leads to erroneous conclusions.

And that is how society is manipulated.  Discussions of policy relating to almost everything are tainted by questionable premises.  For example, we have an incident like the Sandy Hook shootings, and immediately there is talk of "common sense" gun control.  I have no idea what that means, but everyone went with that phrase, "common sense'.  They do that all the time; everyone uses the same phrase or word to describe something in politics or media.  The line between the two is more than blurred.

Remember the first time the word "gravitas" surfaced in public discourse?  It was when young Bush was running for president.  "...well, yes, Dan, but does he have the gravitas one expects of a president?"

Every station, and every anti-Bush commentator used the same word, "gravitas".  Someone came up with it first, and everyone mysteriously followed.  I discount any notion that they all thought "gravitas!" individually and simultaneously.  Really.

Lately every anti-Hillary outfit likes to play the clip of her barking like a dog.  I do not think highly of Hillary, but I do not see this barking as at all relevant.  Besides the fact that she is an excellent barker, I think it is the most agreeable thing I've heard come out of her mouth.  Usually she's screaming in that "let's lynch 'em and burn down the factory", rally the troops, voice.

So, a relative links, on facebook, a site that asks for a one word description of Trump.  She is highly anti-Trump.  Pro-Bernie, I imagine.  It is a well put together site, I guess.  Thousands of people, and hundreds of words.  I pk ut "frankly".  It is like he has hijacked frankly and very.  I here or say those words and I think Trump.  I hear a Shelty barking and I think Hillary.

Anyway, I have lost the passion.  Partly because I think the way power and money are handled is largely stagecraft and deception.  And because I am tired of mentally fighting the fact that humanity seems on the verge of deciding to live a more ant-like existence.  Maybe that is how the species survives.  I don't know.  It could be that what promoted technological advances and better standard of living for the last few hundred years is not as viable as it could be because people are sick of the abuses of nature, law, common decency, and general trust.

I still see the main facilitator of such aberrant operation as the same entity that many feel is the solution--government.  It is a bit of a dilemma.  How do you reverse the tradition of government being the legal enforcers enabling thieves, murderers, liars, and worse?   I have little to offer.

Term limits and no pensions, plus not being exempt from any laws or limitations, like other citizens would be a start.  But how to work out the problem of multi-national interests being puppet masters of governments and such is another thing.  Still, if you remove some of the things that make it easy to be a perpetual puppet in power, it has to help.

I am not one who thinks we are absolutely doomed, whichever of these power hungry bastards gets elected.  I think that listening to them all, and looking at what they have done, just the fact that they are our choices is as much a case that we are doomed as anything.

I may vote.  Maybe not.  I am convinced that the system is under the power of entities who care nothing for national boundaries and who are not elected.   Then again, maybe it is not like that.

There is no one running for president I can listen to any more.   Plus my life won't change much.

I guess I got tired of diverting the blame and attention from my own battles and downfalls to the ills of public affairs.

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  1. (Verbi here)

    "just the fact that they are our choices is as much a case that we are doomed as anything" (thumbs up x10}

    And your 3rd from the end paragraph is SPOT ON.


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