Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hate Crime? Koolaid Addled Nonsense

Salon jumped immediately to claim this Orlando massacre was a hate crime, all about the lbgt community.  This community, that community. It gets old.

It is especially lame when some hack jumps out there with zero info and starts trying to direct the narrative to suit his end goal.  I'll never understand the goals of some people.
It just shatters their credibility when they jump up and down demanding that their team get victim status, regardless of fact.  You do not make such pronouncements with no info unless you are, yourself, a propagandist, spouting unsubstantiated pronouncements in order to shape opinion.   That is not reporting.  

If the orlando guy was a gay muslim who wanted the approval of ISIS and the Prophet, pbuh etc.(That's what many of the faithful do.  I communicated with an American muslim for awhile. Many can't even think about you-know-who without expressing peace be upon him. Seriously, what he considered moderate was spooky)

Oh yea muslim murder man is turned on by Achmed.  He is not popular no matter how hard he tries.  Can't get no satisfaction.  Certainly can't get rid of the wife and announce his preference.

So, he resolves it all.  He serves ISIS and pleases you-know-who, pbuh, by slaughtering people in a gay bar.  Allah will now forgive him for being no good.  It's his best shot. Redemption.  

He only hated gays for not dating him.  He did not really hate them, so find some other PC cause to wrap in propaganda as if it is bacon at the fair, Salon, you koolaid factory for fools.
Martyred while killing those who he wished would have sex with him. 
So, as much as the idiotic progressive koolaid drinkers wish they could say hate crime, they may have trouble getting it to stick.  
It is more like a self-hate crime.

Can you choose your own virgins?  Wonder exactly how that is defined over there.

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