Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dang It. Facebook and musket girl

So musket girl, after I ask where I can get a weapon that fires 13.3 rounds per second in response to her propaganda meme off a koolaid site, responds that I can just hit my local gun store or gun show  "Dude, and they'll hook you right up. lol"

Right here is what separates me from conformist progressives, lol.  LOLing without a clue that she is not spouting anything approaching truth, and it only makes her look smart in her eyes.  And maybe her fellow parrots.  Some guy came to her rescue, claiming the meme point was valid and I was just delving in details.

Yea.  Like the truth.  You are raising hell claiming we need to ban weapons which are already banned.  You are telling people this guy used what, by your description, would be what has been called a machine gun.  Similar in that one pull of the trigger and the rounds go one after the other too fast to count.  Well, much faster than you could pull a trigger over and over.  You good for 13.3/sec?  Not I.

But why, oh why was I dumb enough to call bullshit on this totally fooled person.  She really thinks it is all true.  Whatever they say on moveon or daily kos is gospel.  Throw in some huff post and yeeha, I can let them think for me. I chose a team and , right or wrong, I am sticking with it.

Fresh daily supply of talking points, ridicule tactics against opponents, justification for why it is OK to forcibly interfere with their rights.  Because you are a victim and owe no morality here, besides you know best.

I am not too heavy in any camp.  Sick of propaganda and obvious lack of understanding of the Constitution.  That is nothing new though.  Ignoring the law of the land has served democrats and republicans and their cronies for longer than I've been on the planet.  It has just tended to snowball so it has become worse, more blatant.  And the public argues in favor of the nonsense.

I almost suckered even more and put out a facebook post, offering to buy a select fire/automatic weapon that shoots 700 rounds per minute for the person who can show me where such easy pickings on machines guns are to be legally had.  I deleting and did not post it.  Too many over the top democrats and stuff around the family.  Some them have no blood left--pure koolaid in the veins.  No hope.  If you are not with them, they think you should be dead.  And they call it self defense.

Seriously, you think a bunch of the right is delusional?  Lockstep progressives can boggle your mind.  Like the one insisting, in friggin california, that I can walk down to the gun store and pick out a fully automatic AR 15 or similar.

I never have liked the progressive approach, or the democrat approach much.  Laws out the wazoo and corrupt as the day is long.  Constantly finding excuses to supervise and serve as arbiter of people's personal choices.  Sorry but that is just the game.  Republicans just pretend to be opponents.  So it seems.

And they get really great subgroups like evangelical this or that who invariably shoot themselves in the foot because they confuse how one conducts himself with how he wants to force others to behave.  They get confused.  You really have to let go of some things and work through attraction to elevate the culture.   So far I do not see that happening.

All is well and good, but these groups often piss off most of the population which in effect usurps opposition to the other jerks.

Oh well. I can't believe musket girl.  Because the daily kos thing to do is post ridiculous misleading propaganda, she got right on it, then lol's me because she is parroting a lie without ever checking it out.  She refers me to some progressive site meme. Took up a whole page but only a paragraph or two.  It repeated that Congressman's 700 round lie.  Bold face, intentional lying going on, and bold face clueless, moron parrot lying going on.

So I told her the things have been banned for years.  Offered to buy her one if she could legally find it for civilians.  Now maybe she'll pretend to be cartel, and the fast and furious team at justice will hook her up.  I think I offered.  Maybe not? Don't want to check.  I am sick of the twisting of facts by rah rah democrats, mostly, and republicans too.  Due to lies and ethnicity politics the dems have managed to manipulate Latinos and Blacks into silencing opposition.

They are like brown shirts, in a way.  Their ignorance allows them to be victims so that makes them special, and gives excuse for any fit of anger or anti social behavior.  Now way they want to acknowledge or even hear any facts.  Ignorance is not only bliss, it is more lucrative, and the path of least resistance.

Besides attacking people for no reason, and destroying property, the bastards hurt a horse.  Now I like people but I am not big on cops.  However they did not start these fights and they are being forced to be complicit with riffraff in most of California.  In another state the SOBs hurt a police horse.  And see, here is where I side with cops.  Those people could have legitimately been shot as far as I am concerned.  But I wouldn't do it or order it.  But if someone did, I would not condemn them either.  But better be real damn sure.

When you stop traffic or disrupt the potential flow of life saving services, you at least deserve to be physically moved, forklift, heavy roller...  It is violence.

I'm in disbelief at the faulty logic making the rounds and I am sad that so many people I know are right there on the band wagons being fooled and manipulated.  But it is still a real coup top pretend that Trump is somehow more dangerous than a Hillary Clinton, or any other veteran Washington DC politician in the upper power echelons.

How many died in Viet Nam?  50, 000?  Something like that.  Democrats and Republicans.  Although  Johnson was getting them killed right and left.  And you think Trump is more dangerous than the people who brought you that debacle?  Even if you were all for it you got screwed because they refused to win.  We won stuff all over the place but we had all these hold backs and suicidal rules of engagement for fighters on land and air.

If getting that many people killed after kidnapping them and forcing them to go, a good many were drafted.  The draft is like the hand of satan in my book.  I will fight if there is a legitimate threat.  Today's soldiers fight to protect the lives of one another.

Dangerous is the point.  You get 50k young men, mostly, killed, and do not even secure the damned place, then you suck and you are dangerous.  They have tried to deflect that to Nixon.  Sorry.  Nixon finally suspended the draft and said screw and quit the war.  He knew he was forbidden from actually winning, or whatever best case is in a war like that.

Going on forever. Playing the stupid fair again tomorrow afternoon.  I pray and hope I have no attack in reaction to heat outdoors. Sun. It used to be that I thought the band had my back on that.  No more do I think so.  I doubt they even believe I have any real issues.  That's OK.  If I feel bad, I will hit the road.


  1. (Verbi here)

    Never forget that the engine behind their blind gulping of the koolaid is: this is their RELIGION. It is what they put their ultimate faith in. If their dogma "fails" (i.e. is proven false), then the very ground under their feet plummets into the abyss. They can not under ANY circumstances defer to facts or reason or logic, bec. that would nuke their whole mental/spiritual infrastructure: they'd be freefloating in the void like an astronaut without the safety cable.

    Creeds are sacrosanct. Only infidels have the hubris to blasphemously question them.


  2. "forklift, heavy roller"-----> Soylent Green... ;)


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