Monday, June 13, 2016

Forget Fact, I'm Jumping On The Bandwagon

Come on!!!  Look, just because I find Hillary to be the most annoying candidate since John Kerry does not mean I am all in for Trump.

Just because I call people on their nonsense does not mean I am all in for whoever they consider to be their opponent.  That, though, is most common with progressives--either you agree or you are a racist nazi who needs killing to save the rest of humanity.  For people who pretend peace, I find the hard core koolaid drinking progressive frightening due to their extremes of what they claim they wish on their opponents.  More hateful than those they claim are hateful. Bizarre.

So now we have a petition circulating to "ban assault weapons".  They go on about how no one needs military grade weapons, etc.  They have people convinced that little Johnny can go to 7-11 and purchase a fully automatic weapon.

They are already banned, freaky people.  What you can get is analogous to those mini bikes tricked out to look like a Harley.  It is not a soldier's weapon.

If they have to deceive people in their crusade to put yet more power in the hands of the few--government--and again infringe on the individual's life and choices, then maybe they are not as sincere, honest and altruistic as they pretend.  Or else they are just stubbornly stupid.

assault rifle definition:
a military rifle capable of both automatic and semiautomatic fire, utilizing an intermediate-power cartridge.

Automatic,, like  Tommy gun.  Get it?  No, you can't.  Like I said, if you could I'd have three.  

I hate liars who try to make laws and mess with people who are doing no harm.  If your gun looks like a military weapon, because maybe the design just makes sense, then you must be bad.  You don't need that gun.  Because I say so.  And I know what everyone needs and should have.  

America has never been perfect, but it used to be a lot more free in ways.  And more fun.  I think our idea of making it up to Blacks and others was to make everyone equally miserable, rather than equally free to be happy.  Because people are trouble I guess.  And they think there is something holy in government so they allow abuses that would get us roundly thrashed or murdered if that is how we treated our neighbors.

It is insane.  Do the talking point people just parrot everything they see as their team's stance?  It is nuts, mindless, and dangerous--far more dangerous than Trump is the herd mentality and insistence on totalitarianism.

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