Monday, June 13, 2016

Wait wait, I Can Do Better---inane insights

OK.  Never let a good mass murder go to waste.  So, even trying to avoid the maudlin melee of platitudes and pronouncements, I encountered pleas for Congress to "just DO something!!!", for bans on "automatic assault weapons' [wtf], bans on 30 round magazines for rifles, woeful laments about why 'we' can't accept those not like 'ourselves', and more.

And I was seriously avoiding a lot of news.  This is just facebook.  That is what I get for having far left field family and friends, and some seriously intellectually challenged people who are unaware of their dimness, and some more right leaning friends too.

The simple memes pretending profundity, pasted over pictures of famous actors or scenes of soldiers or who knows what.  These are posters you'd see in a class on propaganda techniques.  Classic.

I don't want to miss my chance to express pretended emotions and profound wisdom (in my own mind), like so many others.

My meme:

It is high time that we, as a society, arm our LBGTQ,etc., brothers, sisters, and other, to the teeth so that they can finally take their place in our culture, and pop a cap in those trying to cap them.  This is not about islam, this is about a well armed rainbow.  It can never be about islam, because.

Maybe put that over a picture of flamboyant folk from a gay pride parade.  Maybe they could be stoning a guy who looks like the latest shooter, buried to the waist like they do to women over in the hard core hotbeds of religious zealotry which includes throwing rocks and tossing humans from high places.

Couldn't find anything better than this on short notice.  It will do.  Just claim this person is transgender.  Who can argue?

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