Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moving Forward. What?

Where are we going?  I have so many questions.  I have for many years.  Way back when Clinton was building the bridge to the 21st century.

I never have seen the bridge.  Not even on a map.   Just like I  have no sense of forward or reverse or travel of any sort which involves people who claim they are "moving us forward"(or words to that effect).

I'm not sure I am all for some things the forward people like.  I'm not comfortable with the prospect of a cashless society.  To me that is a totalitarian state which never had to fire a shot to enslave the population.  You get on the wrong side of anyone with influence and you can be shut down without a chance.
Forward!!! (notice they are moving to the left, but in some circles that would be to the right)

So, if that is what moving forward means, I prefer turning off ahead of time.  Change direction or don't go anywhere.  You are floating on a ball.  There is no up or down, and most of what you see beyond your planet happened before people are known to have even existed.  So throw out time.  We don't know squat about it, in reality.

Like I know reality.

I'm guessing Megyn Kelly will not be White House press secretary.  Too bad.

It is interesting how some people are more OK with the known corruption, lying, irresponsible compromising of military special ops people, etc. than they are the unknown, possibly loose cannon who bickers endlessly with people like Rosie O'D.  The main fallacy is all the talk of Trump being racist, and this and that.  It is phony talk.  He is like a ton of people from that general region.  They are crude and nuts.

But the racist bit is really a stretch.  I will buy loose cannon, likely lunatic, and blindly reactionary over trivia.  It is dangerous to stretch the truth.  We do not know the full truth,  but the fear inspiring nonsense is largely fiction.  It is hard to know where to start because people have gone so thrid world kind of French Revolution lately.  No possible way to do anything but keep your head down, so it seems.

I have no idea what is to come, but those who wanted moving forward actually got it.  No idea where we may be going but I know where we aren't going and that is wherever we used to be headed.  Get it? be headed; beheaded  hahahaha

Oh I forgot. PBUH

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