Monday, November 21, 2016

People Know It Is Censorship, Right?

All the latest about fake news is sort of like a play within a play.  A rather transparent attempt to take over the job of arbiter of information.  A job that the individual often decides to do for him/herself.
Lack of universal pronouns which have the right flow and rhythm is one of the more really stupid manifestations of 21st century sensitivity and solidarinosc.

Anyway.  Quite often the established networks and cable channels have been known to edit stories in such a way as to create a fictitious picture.  Like the Trayvon deal.  Zimmerman is part black.  He was also not the one who brought up race in the 911 call.  But the question from 911 asking race was edited out of what they broadcast.  I wonder how much violence that helped provoke.

So, you think the government or some social platform providers or search engines should decide who is the news the people are allowed to see?  When people aren't pandered to in ways that result in purposeful idiocy they often double check things and figure it out for themselves.  Some people do not want other people determining what they see, read, write, etc.   They definitely do not want the government, those with the guns, insisting that they believe or don't believe anything.

But it looks like the fake news assault will be pushed full steam ahead.  It is clearly just more temper tantrums because they cannot face it that the "we know best" attitude is what so many voted against.  I think the Penguin could have run against that, with a platform of f''' you pandering dems who cannot quit trying to create wars between classes, races, sexes, other sort of sexes, ethnicities, etc.   I've heard it called identity politics.   It certainly has nothing to do with universal principles.

For someone to pretend that in matters of law, of government, that only someone of a certain race can represent them, is far too shallow to even comprehend a universal principle.  Or perhaps they have something personal gain by keeping the interpretation stupid and off base.

If they stop all news that is actually written using propaganda techniques so it basically not all true, then no news will get through. Not much, anyway.

There is clearly a concerted effort by some to censor others while pretending to be defenders of truth, justice, and the American way.  The fact that it is the new buzz phrase in progressiveland, is a little bit alarming.  That means the idiots are pushing for censorship.  But they are too self righteous and myopic to admit that is what it is.

It's like these damn people never quit.  They just keep trying to find new ways to screw with your life. It is amazing.


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