Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Your Selective Anti-Racism is Racist

There was a highly edited clip of some guy talking at a conference to a group of people.  I had not paid any attention to this guy in the past.   Apparently he is all into the white this and that movement, although I think movement is an exaggeration.   I seriously doubt there are as many neo nazis and white supremacists as is implied lately.

Certainly not enough to elect a president.  But the democrats insist upon spinning the loss any number of ways, always avoiding the fact that the other people weren't voted for, the dems were voted against.  The smug, insulting culture they've developed, the INTOLERANCE of the democratic party and the tendency to bully.  Those are the reasons.

I know they would be outraged that I called them bullies.  But they are whenever they can get away with it.  You do not see the same violence on an every day basis from others.  Others hold a big event, or demonstration, they often even clean up after themselves.  A moveon or democratic demonstration will have property damage, animal abuse, Bullying, violence.

Not that those groups who clean up and don't be violent aren't off on lunacy too.  Wearing a three cornered hat does not make a political statement. Really.  During the revolutionary war, the British wore similar garb.  You just look silly wearing period clothes and pretending to be Ben Franklin.  He did it better. Just be your own crazy self.

Just how it is.  I know it is all couched under righteous indignation and any number of anger justifying excuses but the facts remain.

So the guy I just now heard, Richard Spencer, is a manipulator, apparently.  I am cautious about the video because it is so highly, and obviously edited.  It sounded racial, but there was no suggestion of violence toward others, etc.  It was hard to tell the point because the thing was chopped up to provide sound bites and footage of cheering people, some of whom did the outstretched arm, like the Hitler salute, or before that the original pledge of allegiance salute. (changed to hand over heart in the 1930's)

OK. So it is bad and on and on. They are using this guy as the face of the "alt right".  I am not sure of the term, but clearly the news uses it interchangeably with kkk and white nationalist/supremacist sorts of things.  I am thinking they are trying to cast others as racist who actually aren't by lumping them all in together.

That is like lumping democrats in with the alt left--those who want totalitarian communism and all that.  OK, many of us tend to think that is the logical end to the path democrats love, but it is still a stretch.   Republicans are not racists, they just tend to be there to make democrats mad enough to win some votes.  I have no idea what they want, honestly.  What I would have called the reasonable less government people is alt. right, before the media or someone hijacked the term.  So what to call myself or others like me, I don't know. Nothing left.

Anyway, this Spencer guy does not speak for me.  I don't think.  The video I saw only paints an impression, and I find it slightly suspect.  He could have been doing a parody but the context was so edited out, I would never know.  And I've seen some outright lies portrayed in video as truth, and done through clever editing. (See Michael Moore movies for many examples)

OK so racist, and let's blame Trump, who is obnoxious, perhaps, but racist is over the top.   I am islamophobic so I do not fault him or care if he is accused of that.  Many religions and cultures creep me out.  Islam is right up there on that list, along with many cultures of the world.  And I like different people and places, just not wacko goat buggering, women stoning lunatics.

OK. So there is outrage.  But the guy did not advocate violence.  Yet, to the left this is awful racism, yet when a Black Panther rants about hating "every iota of a cracker", and black muslims proclaim that all whites and white babies should be killed, they don't even take the rant off of Youtube, and we hear no outrage.  Some people are so stupid they claim that only whites can be racist. Impossible for blacks, etc.

La Raza, a racist group.  Black lives matter, racist and promoters of false information to create hatred. There are far more people wrapped up in other racist groups than white race groups.  Because whites are the least racist, per capita, of any other group in this country.

Maybe that was not always the way of things. It is now.  Or was.  People are doing their best to create racism and tribalism in every group.  Then you can pander to their emotions and control them better.

I'm saying that by denying the racism of la raza and every other race based conflict craving outfit, yet pretending the klan is riding through in legions and whites are all on some racism kick, you show how racist you are.  You think so little of non whites, those of color, not transparent, that you will not even hold them to the same standard when it comes to being haters.

Much of that racism is right out in the open and self hating whites try to pretend to take up their cause, which is oddly to free the world of you.  I may join them in that sentiment.

It is OK to violently assault some trump hat wearing character and it is not hate.  But please do not let the attackers be white and the vic an of color person. Now it is hate and gets notice.  Neither is a good thing.  It is the pretense and hypocrisy that annoys me.  Trying to have these double and triple standards is not good.  What do you think was racially wrong in the past?  If you can't guess, I will tell you--Double Standards!

The real elephant in the room is the gradual celebration among white people of misandry.  It has increased and become the norm, as long as the object of hate is white.   That is the flip side of the misogyny coin.  Male hate.  That enabled the manipulators of society to lump together women and minorities when seeking special treatment.  If you are a minority you can be either man or woman, it is not gender specific.  Throw in "and women" and it is clear what you mean is white women.  The others were already included.  Easier just to say white men need not apply.  And by today's double and triple standards, that is acceptable.

And you think Trump is racist?  I have no idea, but I do know that movements on campus for zones that exclude everyone "not of color" are highly racist. And they are bullies, crying about how white privilege triggers their angst.

I give up.
A world of lies, and I am thinking I will never just get my miserable life organized before I die, and everyone will hate me for being a loser who left a big mess.  So, what the hell do I care if people are stupid, and lie, and pretend to be thoughtful when they are creepy bullies, racists and morons?

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