Saturday, February 4, 2017

Doubling Down on the Divide

I thought the madness would at least lose some of the hostile hysteria once the election was done.  I was wrong.  Ignorance and anger have become a strange hobby.  So many ignorant, greedy*, insistent people, positive that they are right and anyone who questions them or disagrees is evil and either needs their speech abridged or their welfare payments cut off.  Depends upon who is doing the ignorant ranting.

*I say greedy because it is a greed for some kind of power when people rant about what "we" need to do, in circumstances in which they know only some or none of the facts.  Feels so good to belong to a group that spouting nonsense and seeking limits on the behavior of others makes one feel strong.  That little hint that you can abuse others while pretending to be holy or compassionate or a hero.

People love it when the group accepts some social imperative that excuses managing your resources and your life choices.  Even though they know they are overstepping natural rights, they pretend otherwise because they get to feel important and powerful.

It is annoying.  really

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  1. Yep, things are heating up if anything. It seems clear thinking is out this year. Pity.


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