Sunday, February 5, 2017

Best Super Bowl game ever

Watching team sports when the teams are the epitome of excellence in their sport causes me to think people are capable of really beautiful and amazing things.  They are.  Trust me.

Anyway, I called it, but along the way, I conceded that whoever won, I have not seen that level of play ever I don't think.  But, Bellycheck, or however that is spelled, took my advice and went for the rope-a-dope.  They allowed Atlanta to kick their ass until it was almost too late, then the sprung, and while they were at it caught a couple of good breaks.  In O.T. they went ahead with the old one two. Or something.

Nice cap to an interesting weekend.  Now we roll on.  Got asked by two different people to lay down tracks on their studio projects.  At least one pays something, the other may, but it may also just cement my rep at Studio West with some good players and lead to more paying studio work.  That would be nice.

Here's the point of the whole kit and kabootle; never give up.  Just keep plugging with what is in front of you and don't be a slacker.  That's what I take from it.

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