Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Exchange With The Musket Parrot

Here is the annoying fb propaganda bit and discussion.   I tried to remove names to avoid trouble.  Let's see if it actually posts.  Note, on my last entry here I wanted to push as to why she insisted on maintaining the lie even after it was pointed out, but I refrained.

I think I did well not getting personal by suggesting it all has to do with her hatred of men.  I know the girl, and, like many mindless angry lockstep progressives, I do think that is a large part of her issue.
I thought there were lol's.  Now there is a smiley face.  OK. I was over the top, myself then.  But I still can't get a nice, lightweight select fire weapon.   I won't even address the ones who act like these are super powerful rifles.  They aren't.  And like I said, I am not a gun guy, but I do check facts and hate lies. and dangerous laws and restrictions on rights.

[note below link re NRA blablabla. It goes to where they mislead taking a quote out of context and still describe the rifle as 700 rounds per minute.  A fat lie.  They want you to sign a petition for big control, without even reading the proposed bill of course.  People want so badly to belong to a team, they will pretend anything to achieve that.  And suspend, morality, disbelief, freedom, you name it.  spineless pulp
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Ian Belmondo Where are such guns available, aside from the military?
musket mama Back in the days of our forefathers, I bet just about everyone had a gun especially given how rural the country was at the time.
Ian Belmondo Where can I get one that shoots 13.3 rounds per second, legally?
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musketgirl Try your local gun store dude. They'll hook you up with everything you need, and then some! Hell, you could even get yourself some body armor 
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snarkyGuyYou can quibble with the details of the meme, but the logic is sound.
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Ian Belmondo koolaid addled musket girl; seriously, since when can I go to a local gun store and get a fully automatic weapon? You find me a gun store selling anything that shoots 13.3 rounds per minute. Geez. Been illegal for years and years.
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Ian Belmondo musketgirl; this is completely misleading. If your point is sound as you think, why lie? Military has guns civilians cannot get. Again you show me easy access to this weapoin and I will buy 2
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MusketGirl:You can get a semi-automatic weapon here, which still shots as fast as you can pull the trigger:

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Ian Belmondo

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Ian Belmondo

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Note : the link above referencing NRA which links to a page at, goes to a page which is a blatant deception.  They describe the military version of an AR 15.  You cannot get that gun but they pretend that is what all rifles of the look do.  Big lie and their acolytes ignore any evidence that it is bunk.

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