Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Unbelievable; the road to dystopia

0K.  I do not even like guns that much.  Never have.  But if they are going to be around, I prefer that plenty of them are in the hands of the public, not just state officials.  State, here, refers to government on all levels.

I don't think that the public having semi automatic weapons even slightly protects them from a rogue government who already reserves the right to have the most effective weapons for themselves.  We have seen an increasing tendency to use war machinery and weapons against the population.

Friggin towns the size of Mayberry are acquiring war wagons and mini tanks.  Yet the koolaid people are sure that we are under a wave of murder like never before, etc.

One side says that it got worse since semis quit being banned.  The other side points out that the vast majority, maybe all, major mass shootings of the last several years have been in gun free zones.  Each draws a correlation that may or may not be coincidence.  Though, if I were to shoot people like fish in a barrel, I would prefer that neither they nor the fish are armed.

But Rolling Stone now has an article about why the second amendment should be repealed.  It reminds me of elementary school when the teacher decided to be all cutting edge and gave the class a chance to suggest the rules we would go by for the year.

Holy S***.  Just like now, the snarky little creeps who wanted to ingratiate themselves with the powers that be rattled off rule after rule.  Far more than the average teacher ever posted in the class.

I knew then I was in for a rough ride in life.  I did not and do not fit in with crime and punishment fanatics, busy bodies who can't allow people to just live as they see fit while minding their own business.   And they have been winning the day for quite some time.  As more and more people who cannot conform well to systems arranged by mentally ill idiots fall through the cracks, die on the street, or just call it a day out of frustration with trying to make sense of it.

Next Rolling Stone or Salon, or some other outfit that is just too damn cool for their own ink, will decide that the first amendment must go, or at least require a permit.  The Trump protestors justify shutting him down and attacking people because his talk is "dangerous".  Like their punches, car burnings, rock throwing and ambush attacks aren't.   I do tie them all together.  They all want the same thing, silence opposition.

We already see colleges censoring content like crazy; cancelling speeches by those who do not parrot the PC talking points du jour.  They change a bit from time to time.  A few decades ago the clamor was about "hand guns"  and hand gun violence.  More death from those than rifles.   "Saturday night specials" were all the rage.  Hysteria, like now.  Why does anyone need a gun?  Leave it to professionals.

Before long it is almost illegal to defend one's self.   Actually, it has worked out that way sometimes. Someone shoots an attacker.  Oh the hot water that ensues.  And progressives then twist stand your ground laws, aimed at allowing you not to be bullied by bad guys, into a conspiracy against Blacks.  Insane.  If anyone needs to be able to carry whatever weapon, whenever, I would think it would be people in predominately Black neighborhoods.  Particularly the poorer ones.  Wherever gangs run things.

Look people totalitarianism doesn't work out well.  It brings much more suffering.  Look at all the murdered people it took to satisfy the Soviet leadership back when, China, Cuba, friggin Cambodia.  All powerful and controlling states suck.   Your communist utopia is not pleasant.  It can only exist at the point of a gun, and often involves lots of killing.  So don't even try to act like you are a wonderful, altruistic, peacenik when you spout that stuff.

Those who wish for communism just figure they'll be at the handle end of the hammer or sickle, not the business end.  Good luck morons.  And to Rolling Stone and Salon, you are bona fide fools.  RS, stick to rock n roll gossip and music reviews.  Salon, stick to fashion or pop culture, or whatever it is you actually can discuss without lying and pushing for abridgment of the freedom of others.

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