Tuesday, November 22, 2016

And Another Thing

Mr. Schmizer, who may have been republican, was my 12th grade physics teacher.  I got A's on all tests, but because I was not Jewish, he and much of the class were sure I was somehow cheating, even though I could always answer any oral question.

I did hate homework but I liked the material and wanted a suitable grade.  Mostly I ignored grades so mine were all over the map.  But I wanted the A in that class.  Partly because I so richly deserved it for once and had made a shred of effort to be sure I understood the information given.

Anyway, another jewel in the public school crown, Mr. spit spit Schmizer.  His way to prevent me from getting an A was to give me a D as an "attitude grade" and count it as much as a test.  He claimed I talked but that wasn't true, the haters of non-Jews around me weren't people I was talking to.  They made their own noise.  He then decided I got the grade because I did not come to help sessions after school the day before the test.

I worked. The slave labor spear gun factory.  Satan's little tool of torture in the Ballistictour household.  That and the draft.  Geez.  Besides, if I am acing the tests, and I mean generally with 100% unless Schmizo could invent deductions of a point or two here and there, why would I need a help session?

Why would I go into a hotbed of people who just assumed I was stupid because of my riffraff friends and because I wasn't an Israelite?    They were so sure I was trouble.  But they got mad when I would play "hide the other guy's band candy", but instead returned it to its proper owner.  Then that guy was sure I took it to begin with, despite evidence to the contrary.  After all I was a dumbass, who wasn't part of the Jewish click.  Only Kenny Marx.  We skipped school and rode around Coral gables and Key Biscayne quite often.   I had actually defended some of them against bullies in grade school.  Most people I defended never reciprocated when it would have been nice.

So another public school success story.  And they possibly wonder why I want to write obscenities in response to memes on Facebook which tout the undying selflessness and dedication of teachers.

By teachers they mean those with that official title, not necessarily people who help you in furthering your knowledge and skills.

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