Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What if I Am Wrong?

Everything, almost, in my life has been done wrong.  What if all my views are really nonsense and I can't see it?  That would be bad.  I hope I start doing things right.  Then I won't care if the other stuff is right or wrong because I will have other things occupying my mind and that will be much better.
OK.   Happy Holidays.  I really would like to hide now.


  1. "I hope I start doing things right." What yardstick would you use to determine that (asking, based on your "What if all my views are really nonsense and I can't see it?")? And how would you overcome what's kept you from "doing things right" up to now?

    Mind you, I'm not saying you've done things wrong; I'm just going by what you're writing here. ;)

  2. You are NOT wrong. You and I are right and much of the rest of the country IS wrong.



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