Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It Is BS, but They Pretend

So Musket girl--sure the second amendment pragmatically only referred to muskets rather than some principle designed to avoid a totalitarian state--still is pretending to answer my plea to show me where to find an automatic weapon.

She has ignored her 13.3/sec lol BS.   This time she did not lol, but posts in reply a big link to where I can find semi-automatic weapons.  She states dryly, It will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger.  Gee thanks Annie Oakley, who would have dreamt it.

I did not let her off.  I replied that there would be no sale since that is not the 13.3 round/sec unit she promised I could buy.  This is how it is trying to even hold a wild eyed progressive, who is more interested in being a progressive and accepted by peers than telling the truth.

There is an angry hysteria to it.  People like musket girl will simply pretend the question was never asked, or twist it into some false story with a well place lol or two.  Annoying as can be.

 I never said what I thought about gun laws, just that it is a lie that A. Orlando murder man had an automatic weapon, and B. That a person can just walk in and buy a select fire weapon with auto mode.

Maybe she can pull the trigger 700 times in a minute.  I know that is beyond my ability.

What is it with people who get suckered into the Soros backed political agenda?  One commenter on Musket lady's thread assured that the point of the false meme was totally valid.  But based it upon lies.  The facts are just minutia that get in the way of what they want to be true.

It happens all over the political world.  It is just so easy to point it out when hysterical democrats get all wound up about guns.  All of a sudden we have machine guns everywhere, and anyone can just walk in to Walmart and buy fully automatic weapons with armor piercing bullets.

I have never been much of a gun guy, but these people have sold me.  I want one of those guns they keep talking about.  But the bastards won't tell me where they are.  Musket girl pulled a bait and switch; tried to pass of a semi automatic on me.

Well, we lie for a good cause, so that makes it all OK.   After all, WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!  Who cares what, as long as it involves stepping on someone else's rights.  It just isn't any good if it doesn't screw someone over.

And on the hold-a-quarter-between-your-knees-for-birth-control crowd comes up with other nonsense.  People are suggesting cause and effect where doesn't exist or there is no evidence to suggest a correlation.  
The insistance on publishing blatant lies because for some reason, to be a progressive you must trust government officials more than your neighbor or yourself--let's put all power in hands of the state.  I really do not get these people at all, and I am related to a few.

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