Sunday, November 13, 2016

Always Miss The Last One

Almost always.  I missed Clinton even though I did not agree with some of his governmental policies and wars.  With Bush I worried he'd say something that would get mocked, even when he was mostly right.  Did not ultimately like his mideast policy.  Skeptical but not outspoken re Iraq war, but I was openly opposed to first one.  His forming of the homeland security agency was a blow to American style freedom.  Bad bad thing.

Anyway, I already miss Obama and I think he is very much on the wrong side of a lot, and that he's screwed the mideast worse than ever.   I missed Bush when Barack was weighing in on police incidents in other states, with no real knowledge except that maybe there was a black person involved.  He was divisive.  And in the pockets of billionaires who called the shots.  Crazy that people imagine otherwise.

But, I miss Obama because I am afraid of what Trump is liable to say.  When you know a thing you say is ripe for being twisted and used as weapon, do not say it.  Or at least state it differently.  Nothing annoys me more than the little na nah nah nitpickers other than those who can't resist baiting them.

Hell, Donald could start up his tit for tat with Rosie again.  That was embarrassing even before he was running for office.  Both of them are shallow and of that petty kind of New York City redneck attitude.  Obnoxious.  Only a segment of the city is that way but it is a distinctly NYC brand of redneck idiot.  Versions found everywhere to one degree or another.

So, I suppose all I can look forward to is Melania sunbathing on the roof.   I hope she breaks tradition and does not sap the treasury for some dumbass cause like school lunch diets or roadside flowers or whatever.  I don't care if it is a big "save the children" push.  You weren't elected so please butt out!
They never do.  That is bad, too, because the expectation implies a thinly veiled attempt at royalty.

We are not that.  So, first spouses should shut up and do something which does not use tax money or the office to gain prestige power, attention and money for their cause.

So, to you, Melania,  don't go on any tax draining crusades, and stay naked.  We'll get along just fine. It would be OK for you to say the previous power greedy first spouses will not be your role model, that you understand how disrespectful it is to pretend to be an elected official or a queen when one is neither.

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