Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Devil; part 2

After some investigation, I realize just how dangerous the mess could be.  The commenters who seem to take relatively neutral comments and turn them into wild political statements with which they can argue have interesting pages.   Walls, in fb speak, but I refuse to call the damned page a wall.  Since writing my brother's name on a wall as a child, I don't write on walls.

The thinking was, "I really want to write on the wall, now that I can write.  I always get in trouble.  My brother never gets in trouble.  Hey, if I write his name no one gets busted.  A win all around".
Guess what?  It worked exactly as planned.  No one ever said a word to him, and no one blamed me either.  The little fake signature stayed until forever.  It was behind the door a couple of feet off the ground.  "Tommy", it said.

I even tried to make it messy like his handwriting.  I took forever to write anything because it had to be perfect.  This trait did not serve me well when it came to note taking and much else.  That slow writing and reading is still with me, but I compensate and it has improved slightly.

So, talk about your privilege and institutional discrimination, I grew up being the oppressed, unprivileged one in that universe.  Crazy.  Makes me want to go around writing his name everywhere.  Just because.

So, I see things on this one lady's page that indicate it is hopeless if you think these hysterical people will chill.  One thing say that if you say things like "it will be OK", "relax, and see what the guy does when he's in", or protesting and stopping traffic, confronting people for being alleged white Trump supporters is no good"  then "your privilege is showing".

I kid you not.  Now you cannot say, hey, ease up, no one can legally hurt you or whatever.  No that shows you know nothing.  The thing is, she is white.  She is also somehow a victim.  I think it is ok to be a white female, or trans of some kind.  Garden variety white male cannot speak or think unless he says exactly what daily kos or other progressive site considers OK.  Even then, he must avoid treading near another's self proclaimed of color only zone.

Bigots of the world unite!!!   Oh, you already have.  I can find you in safe spaces and on progressive sites.  You think just like the worst of the kkk. You should band together.

So, there is no way to reason.  Their current talking points consist of memes explaining why they need to suspend civility--because they think Trump is not civil, so no we must riot.  This is just intellectual laziness.  And that greed for attention and power, and an excuse to damage people or property. Yippee, a sadism fix!  And a masochist fantasy.  wowsers!!!

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