Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post Number Plenty for Today; Always the misfit never the One

Philosophically, I have generally leaned libertarian, or almost anarchist, when it comes to government.  I find paternalistic/maternalistic, mind-your-business governments to be highly intrusive, and somewhat insulting.   Rather stupid people monitoring my behavior and business without cause.

But things are what they are, which is way too complex to redo over night.  And, considering that much of the human race is insanely stubborn when it comes to not being self destructive nutcases, perhaps some armed authority is necessary.

Just look how quickly people rationalize that they are victims so they can loot and riot and shout and get lucky with other protester types looking for a fix.  That's where you go if you are young and looking for sex or drugs.  So, that hasn't changed since 1969.

There was mention of minimum wage somewhere.  I still do not see it as government's job to fix wages.   But I do recall being puzzled by the attitudes of my more wealthy and enterprising peers growing up.

They would be describing some initiative to make money which required some labor.  High profit thing, but I do not recall exactly what was the job.  The general thinking I'm about to convey was encountered many times.    There was always that point where they talk about hiring day labor off the corner and paying some ridiculously low figure.  "Yea, only have to pay them $(hardly anything) per hour!   Make out like a bandit!

And here I am, Mr. No Unions-No Government, asking why pay so little if you make so much.  I'm trying to figure out the formula that pays the most.  Some see that as contradiction. I think not.  Government is a thieving outfit and ripe for corruption by its very nature.

Anyway, the most exploitative of these people was the wheel of the young Democrats.  He's the one who said you back the winning politician and then they owe you.  He said the rhetoric and "little guy" stuff was just how you get votes but that the real business was done for those who paid.

I still would seek the most pay for those helping me.  I see no purpose for a union if everyone is sane.  But they aren't.  Unions and all the rest just perpetuate trouble.  They idea that you milk your workers for all you can and milk employer for all you can is not good.  The adversarial approach, even to law and justice, has been over rated and extrapolated out to an absurdity.  Like defending a true scumbag rapist or murderer, knowing his guilt but getting him off because you're slick.  That is wrong.  Prosecuting insanely is wrong too.  But they all rationalize, just like the young democrat.

But, I have to wonder sometimes.  Maybe people are so base and small minded and greedy that you have to have unions, and companies have to own politicians to help counter them (though unions own many politicians too).

Now we have people saying you cannot question the rationale of their half truths or acts of aggression if you are white because it shows your privilege.  A genius had to invent that one.  No possible way to discuss the matter with the koolaid addled believer.

So many false or staged events have come down the pike attempting to depict white racism and such that I do not know how many, if any, of the supposed white power hate crimes or events are true.  The videos of beatings circulating don't tend to find the white person doing the punching and ganging up.

I've seen rednecks in action.  Some white, far more, on a percentage basis, are of color.  Sorry but crime stats bear that out.  I get it is complicated but it won't get better if we keep pretending that which is not true.

If I am lying, then let's just get a diverse crowd together and drop them all in different neighborhoods from their own.  I would suggest that it is far less likely anyone gets mugged shot or beat for skin color in the white neighborhood than any of the others.  And I don't even like white people that much.  Just fact.  You know it and I know it.

The point here is not that there are not white bullies.  The point is that they are really the least of the random violence problem and not enough to justify the open season called for by many on all whites who aren't part of the activist program.

Doesn't make any nitwits who really are being idiots less criminal.   Just saying, look at yourself before going off on the white privilege rant.  And if you are white and do that, I think you are a moron who secretly feels guilty for secretly being a racist.  Otherwise why do all these others need your great white hope protection?  Who're you?

So we got the prized victim badge opportunities and white people joining the imaginary fight so they won't get beat up by those they consider inferior, and so certain organizations can group dumbass voters into reliable voting blocs.  That is such an insult, but no one gets it.  You can bet George Soros does.

Oh well.  I would still pay labor as much as I could, rather than as little.  I feel so unrepresented in the world.  Really.  I used to cry sometimes in frustration for being a misfit.  Now I just curse loudly into the wind at no one in particular, "%^&* You!!!  You sorry M^**()$##@'s Go **&^ *&^%*(* and the horse you ride in on!!!"   Or I may just drive by yelling "You big hell!! Dammit!"

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  1. "So, that hasn't changed since 1969." Nope: been that way for centuries, if not millennia.

    "And if you are white and do that, I think you are a moron who secretly feels guilty for secretly being a racist." {thumbs up x 100} I get soooo fed up with the ennnndless self-flagellation from the Regressive corner. {rolling eyes}


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