Sunday, November 13, 2016

It Is The Devil

Why do I respond to facebook hysteria?  If you point out the error in being hysterical and demanding the immunity victimhood provides, you are the enemy.  People are too goddam dumb to figure out that this hysteria over lies is just that.

No way to settle them down.  Their "civil rights are directly threatened".  Presumably by the president-elect.   I'll concede that I feel all of our civil rights have been threatened and violated by our own government and an accelerating rate for decades.  But they aren't talking that.

They are too goddam caught up in this manufactured drama to just clear the mind for a second.  Come on, facebook nutjobs.  Having enemies is not a thrilling passtime.  The lack of truth and the reasoning that amounts to convincing the greedy and gullible that their back is against the wall like a cornered animal is a dangerous thing.  They then feel it is justified to do any violent or vandal thing they choose.  Self defense, even though no one has even threatened them.

It is what happens when you say things in a dumbass way, then people exaggerate and lie about what it means, and you go ahead because you have dumbasses who think it is cool.  So we have a battle of nitwits.

I say I do not believe people are coming in the night to attack "off color" people or the colorless.  All of a sudden I am full of privilege and have never known anyone harassed or harmed due to race.  The sick part is, I have.  Inconveniently I have known more people harmed, raped etc. for apparently being white, though I have known victims of white redneck fools too.  Just because you were told Trump is white power, does not make it true.

I suspect both the white power dimwits and frothing at the mouth progressives both buy the story.  Just what the doctor ordered.

The point is, Obama is still president.  Blame him until Jan 20, if you must.  But the "Oh I am an of color victim, because Trump!!"  is pure and simple nonsense.  I think many more of the colorless can claim to be victim because of your reaction to Trump.  So, once again, it is because of Trump, who is not even president yet.


  1. One of my theories on the hijinx (as you've so rightly dubbed the strangeness) of this whole election is that they KNEW Trump would most likely win, so they put him out there PRECISELY to foment the unrest (by Blacks as well as youngish White Regressives) that would then in turn allow them to impose martial law, thereby killing off the vestiges (albeit precious few) of constitutional gov't. we still have. These 'TARD (Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder [emphasis on latter term {snort}]) sufferers are frighteningly reminiscent of Mao's Red Guard: same age, same mindlessness, same irrationality, same ferocity and implacability.

    1. Implacability. That's the word I was looking for, and it is key. We could all vanish and it still would not be enough. They are hooked on the whine, so they will never stop.

    2. I too have wondered if the whole thing is stage play to stir the pot. It's not a good thing. Funded outrage and violence is highly dangerous. Third world banana republic election reaction is a dangerous thing too

  2. Amen to that!

    "I feel all of our civil rights have been threatened and violated by our own government and an accelerating rate for decades." ^^^ THIS!

  3. RE: "implacability"--- I used that elsewhere a few weeks back and a retired 68 yr. old Regressive Black female *ENGLISH* "professor" (only because of Aff. Act., mind you) claimed I was pompous. ROTFL! Sorry, lady, I've been using that kind of vocab since high school. I wish I had the ability of John0 and C.S. Lewis to say complicated things in very simple terms, but unfortunately, my mind doesn't work that way.


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